I'm afraid what you wrote does not make sense. You start your presentation with title and authors. Then you have your content, with the first slide of content started with a BeginFrame environment (the equivalent of the \begin{frame}[label=firstframe] LaTeX command you wrote below.

Or are you saying you want to repeat the title slide at the end??


Christian Bustamante wrote:
Hi Paul,
I understand the procedure to repeat a simple slide. My problem is
whit the first one, because you don't use the BeginFrame environment
at all. At the start of file, you simple put the title and authors,
but not more.... how can I do it for the first slide??

On Sun, Jul 12, 2009 at 9:47 AM, Paul A. Rubin<ru...@msu.edu> wrote:
Christian Bustamante wrote:
Hi all,

I'm using the beamer class and I need to repeat the first slide at the
end of presentation. In plain LaTeX one can do the following

\title[Short title]{The title}
\author[Authors]{Author 1 \and Author 2}

Which uses the againframe command. The thing is, how can I label the
first slide for then use the againframe in LyX?

Put the cursor in the BeginFrame environment for the slide to be repeated,
directly to the left of the first letter of the title, and insert
'[label=firstframe]' (including the brackets) in an ERT inset. At the point
where you want to repeat the slide, use an AgainFrame environment and just
type 'firstframe' as if it were a title.


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