Hi all,

It's time for me to put the front matter in my new book. This work is time 
consuming and frustrating, second only to indexing, which I equate with 
working in a sceptic tank.

I have to put my cover art on the front, with a list of my other books 
following, followed by the title page, followed of course by the copyright 
pages, followed by dedications, acknowledgements, a few words from the 
author, and a table of contents. What a pain in the butt. Nothing works 
without extensive tweaking!

:-) And with all that, LyX is still by far the best alternative. You can use 
it to produce a professionally typeset book, and except for frontmatter, 
style creation and indexing, it's a snap. LyX is also very respectful of a 
touch typists time, and I REALLY appreciate that.

So, as I'm cursing the fact that my cover art doesn't show up at all, let me 
take time to thank all of you for creating LyX and forming a community to 
continually improve it. LyX is nothing less than a major component of my 
business. Keep up the good work, in spite of my cursing that stupid cover 
art :-)



Steve Litt
Recession Relief Package
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/stevelitt

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