On Thursday 16 July 2009 06:15:28 am Pavel Sanda wrote:
> Rich Shepard wrote:
> > It can take an amateur like me
> > almost as long to prepare the index as it does to write the text. Like
> just an idea - couldn't be this a bit automatized? something like export to
> plain text, sort & uniq all words by alphabet, manually delete the boring
> words (shouldn't be too much in tech documentation) and then run some
> script mapping it back into the text.

This is exactly what I do, except I even automatically delete all words less 
than 4 letters.

I then delete the boring words out of the remaining concordance, which then 
serves as a reminder of what concepts need indexing. It's still by far the 
most distasteful aspect of writing a book.

> this would probably cause some problems for multiple-word entries

As you go through the concordance, you imagine what multi-word phrases might 
be included, and write them into the concordance. Stuff probably falls 
through the cracks, but I'm not willing to pay a professional indexer, so 
small flaws must be expected.

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