nuke wrote:
I have a doc where I want to hide my graphics for the moment. So I moved my
eps-files in a folder called 'hide'. In this case compilation of DVI works
fine, however, when I try to make PDF directly by pressing GUI button it
fails with the following message:

    Latex Error: Cannot determine size of graphic in mygraph.eps (no size
    ...0 0 200 100, draft, type=eps]{swing.eps}
Try typing [return] to proceed.
    If that doesn't work, type  X [return]  to quit.
(it is showed for all missing graphics)

I can use DVI to PDF converter all the time :| , but of course direct
compilation is preferable.

Do you have an idea how to solve it?

One possibility is to move the graphics insets into LyX notes or comments, so that they are retained in the file but ignored on output. Another possibility is to find some innocuous EPS file and put multiple copies in the folder where the real images originally lived, giving each copy the name of one of the image files.


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