I've got a problem with the "example"-numbering in the linguistics module:

I use the example-style to refer to OT-constraint definition (linguists may know what I'm talking about).
Basically it always looks like this:

(3.1) Constraint Name <linebreak>
          Constraint Definition

This works fine and the two words "Constraint" are perfectly aligned under each other, i.e. have the same indentation (obviously better than in this email ;-).

The problem occurs in a chapter (maybe I should note that I use KOMA- script book) where the counter grows above 9.
This looks roughly like this:

(3.10) Constraint Name <linebreak>
       Constraint Definition

So the indentation of the second line is to small. It seems that it is aligned in the same depth as if the counter consisted of only one number.

Can I correct this? How?

Thanks for replying.


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