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> Paul
> I could of course add a line for the margins in the preamble that I comment
> out and in depending on the output, but I was hoping for something a bit
> more automated than that.

I thank you for bringing the beamer(article) to my attention. That is
very handy for me as well. I can see that if I insert some branches,
then I can really customize which material is included in the article
output.  Nice!

To answer  your margin question, I wonder how you changed the margins?
In all of the beamer examples I find, the margin options are grayed
out and I can't change them.

That means we need to make the change either in the preamble or in the
lyx layout or latex style file.  Blech. I started to think "there has
to be a better way" and this way seems to do it.

\oddsidemargin 0.0in
\textwidth 6.0in
%%testing: does following have any effect?
%%\evensidemargin 0.0in

In the example beamer file with the lyx distribution, this does work
for me to make the margins smaller.

I got the idea from this document:


In case you want to set more parameters.   This works in LyX because
lyx invokes the geometry package early in the startup, so if you put
these in your preamble, it all ends up good.



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