* Ricardo Perrone wrote, On 21/08/09 04:05:
> Hi,
> I need a little help with some questions:

I've thought of such things from time to time, and concluded that the
style authors have more knowledge of typesetting than I do, and that my
opinion of "more appropriate space" probably enjoys less acceptance than
their opinion.

However there is a case to make for being able to change it... you just
first need to ask yourself if you are sure that you know better than the
class designers. If you decision is based purely on "it's too wide" then
you probably don't know better and you should leave it alone.

> 1- Lyx has some default font size like Normal, small, smallest, etc. But how 
> can I change it to a specific font size to be applied in some places of my 
> document? For instance 10.5pt.

Font sizes in Lyx and Latex are given names:

So first you need to think if you literally want "10.5pt" or if you want
to set the size of one of the name styles or sizes to 10.5pt.

You can mess with tie \fontsize{}{} command; insert this in your pre-amble:


then you can use the command

\sizetf{I'm in 10.5pt}

in ERT in your document.

(I wish Lyx supported adding per-document layouts and elements in the
same way that it supports adding Latex commands in the preamble)

> 2- I am using enumerate environment, but it adds a large space between the 
> paragraph and the first item of environment. Is there a way to change it to a 
> more appropriated space? I am using book.cls template.

You probably want to read this:

And you may find it easier to use these if you define a lyx .module file
to go with them. Look at existing lyx module files to work this out, and
install your own in ~/.lyx/layouts


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