Sam Liddicott wrote:
* Olivier Ripoll wrote, On 21/08/09 10:29:
Sam Liddicott wrote:
* Ricardo Perrone wrote, On 21/08/09 04:05:


You can mess with tie \fontsize{}{} command; insert this in your


then you can use the command

\sizetf{I'm in 10.5pt}

in ERT in your document.

(I wish Lyx supported adding per-document layouts and elements in the
same way that it supports adding Latex commands in the preamble)
Isn't that what layout modules are for ?

Sure, but as you can't embed a layout module in the lyx document, ERT
can sometimes be easier and more portable, and for small chunks of text
is already clearly delineated in the Lyx document by the red box.

Okay, I see what you meant now. Hopefully, the layout modules will be somehow integrated in the "embedded" format, when it is available.

(I suggested a layout module for his enums, it would be nuts to do those
with ERT)

And thanks for providing the examples that I was too lazy to provide..

It was a good "challenge" for me, and I learnt a lot: it seems latex command names cannot contain numbers nor "." or "_" characters. I had to go for the ugly "number in full letters" way. I also learnt the LyX font size this way (no numbers).

This illustrates the big 'drawback' of LyX: After ~8 years using LyX, writing a Thesis and several documents, I haven't learnt much of LaTeX because LyX does all for me. LyX encourages laziness !



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