Does anybody know, how can get rid of the indentations in my float caption 
texts (for both figures and tables)?

Figure 1:       Now my text looks like this,
                here begins the 2nd line of the caption.

Figure 2:       And I would like to have something like
this, where there isn't an indent in the 2nd line.

Document-class: book(KOMA-script)
LYX version 1.6.3 for Windows.

I have tried different things I found on the internet, both ERT and 
commands for the preamble but so far nothing has worked out - either 
nothing happens or I get lots and lots of errors. I have looked in the 
KOMA-manual but I just don't undrstand it- I basically needs an 
explanation for dummies :D

It should be mentioned that I already have this defined in the preamble:

,papersize={170mm,240mm}% --- A4 with 20mm cut on both sides and 28.8mm 
cut top and bottom
,hdivide={24mm,*,24mm}% --- 122mm text width, 24mm margin both sides (no 
binding edge!)
,vdivide={11.5mm,*,17.5mm}% --- 28.5+11.5=40mm from top of A4 to text 
(46mm at bottom)
\usepackage[a4,cam,axes,noinfo,center]{crop} % For printing crop-marks on 
a4 manuscript
\fancyhead[LE,RO]{\small \thepage} % Left on Even numbered pages & Right 
on Odd
\fancyhead[LO]{\small \slshape \rightmark} % Left on Odd (Right-hand page)
\fancyhead[RE]{\small \slshape \leftmark} % Right on Even (Left-hand page)

I really hope someone can help me with this and please give me the 
dummy-version :D



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