Hi all,

Thank you so much for the outline view on LyX 1.6.x. You need two or three 
more buttons to make the outline view fully functional:

* Insert
* Delete
* Maybe "Insert Subservient"

The Insert function inserts a new heading, at the level of the current 
heading, directly above either the next heading at the current level, or if 
the next heading superior to the current level, whichever comes first. A little 
window should pop up for you to type the text of the heading into. This can be 
mapped to the Insert key, which at least on my LyX is unmapped.

The Delete function deletes the current headline and everything subservient to 
it. This function should have an "are you sure" screen, and maybe highlight in 
the document view everything that will be deleted. No need for a keyboard 
mapping --- this should not be done thoughtlessly.

The "Insert Subservient button would insert a headline 1 level subservient to 
the current level, just above the next headline 1 level subservient to the 
current one or the next level superior to that. In other words, it goes below 
any text directly below the current outline. Maybe map this to Ctrl+Insert or 

With these two or three added buttons you now have a fully functional outline 
processor integrated with the document processor. True, this outline processor 
isn't as fast or featureful as VimOutliner, but it can be used to 
design/outline chapters. 

I just tried designing a chapter with the current outline mode without the 
buttons, and it's so slow as to make you forget what you're doing. You must 
repeatedly type in headlines in the doc, then give them headline level 
environments, then move them around with the up and down and in and out. I 
can't explain why, but it's incredibly slow, and it takes your mind away from 
the designing.

You know, even just the one Insert button would make this a WHOLE BUNCH faster 
to use.



Steve Litt
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