Steve Litt wrote:
Hi all,

Thank you so much for the outline view on LyX 1.6.x. You need two or three more buttons to make the outline view fully functional:

* Insert
* Delete
* Maybe "Insert Subservient"

The Insert function inserts a new heading, at the level of the current heading,
Useful indeed.

The Delete function deletes the current headline and everything subservient to it. This function should have an "are you sure" screen, and maybe highlight in the document view everything that will be deleted. No need for a keyboard mapping --- this should not be done thoughtlessly.

I am not sure the "are you sure" thing is needed - instead, "undo"
will reinstate anything deleted by accident.

Or make it a two-click button:
* First click marks the stuff to be deleted, and moves (some of) it into
  view in the main window if needed. The button changes to something
  that indicate deletion, such as scissors.
* The next click deletes the stuff, and resets the button.
  Any other action except scrolling (to see what will go) should
  also reset the button and remove the marking.

This at least avoids the dreaded popup.

Helge Hafting

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