I am looking to use margin notes, and the functionality I am seeking
seems to extend beyond the standard marginpar command, so I am using
the marginnote package.

I am looking to have margin notes on both sides, on a single-sided
document in the book class. I cannot quite seem to see how this works,
however. For margin notes on the right, I use \marginnote{text here}
for margins on the right. I cannot seem to get marginnotes on the left
hand side — \marginnote[text here] does not seem to work either. I
have consulted the marginnote documentation.

I cannot seem to change the width of the marginnotes. I have tried
marginparwidth with normal margin notes, and that works. But when I
load marginnote, it doesn't. So I have tried, as per the
documentation, to use \edef\marginnotetextwidth{\the\textwidth}. That
just seems to move the horizontal placement of the marginnote, not the
width of the note.

Finally, can I make a custom inset for left-hand-side margin notes? I
will be using both left and right margin notes quite often, so it
would be nice to have the clickable-box that you get with a custom
inset. I am not quite sure how I would do this.

Thank you for considering my questions,



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