Hi LyX users,

I use LyX 1.6.4 on Windows XP.

I am having trouble with LyX crashing when I try to edit urls. I am
able to edit them within ERT boxes but when I try to click on one that
is in a little gray box (i.e. just the letters "URL" visible, not the
entire URL, although the URL looks well-formed in the LaTeX preview
window), LyX freezes and then crashes with the following popup error

LyX Software exception Detected
LyX has caught an exception, it will now attempt to save all unsaved
documents and exit.
Exception:bad allocation

AppName: lyx.exe         AppVer:         ModName: lyx.exe
ModVer:  Offset: 00004cd4

Any advice on how to fix this problem would be appreciated.

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