Dear all
I have always failed to understand this behaviour in the citation
mechanism, and I would suspect that this is a bug. In my document I'm
using BibTeX with Natbib (plainnat). (Please check dummy examples

Although I insert a random citation and keep the default formatting
choices, which in the citation dialogue and in LyX are displayed as
"Author (year)", the final .pdf document will feature a "Author
[year]" formatting.  The latter seems very strange to me, and nothing
similar to anything that I've seen in papers. The issue is similar in
case I choose a "(Author, year)" formatting, which will get displayed
as  "[Author, year]". Can someone suggest how to work around []
brackets and obtain () brackets in the final .pdf?

A somewhat distinct issue, but still citation formatting related, is
when "Text before/after" is specified; say, a "("  "Author, year"  ")"
formatting. For some reason, LyX (or LaTeX) will insert a space
between the "text before/after" and the main citation. Thus, instead
of "(Author, year)" the final result will be more similar to "(
Author, year )". Recently I also noticed that a comma is appended, so
that the actual result is "( Author, year, )".

I would much appreciate any suggestions on how to avoid these issues.
Thank you

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