Ok, thanks for the leads; I'll try and redefine whatever macros needs to
be redefined then. A bit surprising though that no more straight forward
solution has been implemented yet.

2009/9/9 rgheck <rgh...@bobjweil.com>

> On 09/09/2009 06:01 AM, Matts Lindström wrote:
>> Hello,
>>  When I set line spacing to 1.5 (using the settings dialog) this also
>> changes the line spacing of the document headings (section, subsection
>> etc).
>> This looks really bad. Can I avoid this somehow?
> I think so, but I'm guessing it is not trivial. Setting the line spacing
> just does set the line spacing, and LaTeX then uses that spacing everywhere
> it needs it. If you use fancy headers, you might be able to put the
> \singlespacing macro first in whatever you have there. If that doesn't work,
> or you can't use it, then I think you have to redefine whatever macro it is
> that prints the header to call \singlespacing first. I don't have my LaTeX
> Companion with me, though, to look up which macro that is.
> rh

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