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I don't know if there's a bug in Powerdot. I've not used Powerdot in quite some time, and I recently found out that older presentations did not compile as expected. I've always followed the manual which said:

10.3 Compiling with LYX

But this is the manual of powerdot not the one of LyX.

However, I recently found out that the nopsheader option must now be omitted for the document to compile properly. (See also:

I see what you mean and now removed this option in the powerdot LyX example file. This needs to be described in the powerdot manual.

Also note that contrary to the manual, once the powerdot class is selected in LyX, the option to select paper size and orientation is no longer available.

This is by design because powerdot uses its own option names for this instead of the LaTeX default ones. You need to add the paper orientation as option to the document class in LyX to change the orientation and the paper size.
Can you therefore please inform the authors of powerdot to update their manual 
and CC me?

regards Uwe

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