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> Myriam Abramson <mabram...@gmail.com> dijo:

> > Sorry, I'm new to Ubuntu (I was using Fedora before). Ubuntu comes
> > with 1.5.3 and apt-get refuses to let me upgrade to a newer version. 
> > I've tried to put that in the /etc/apt/sources.list but it didn't
> > work:
> > 
> > deb ftp://ftp.lyx.org/ubuntu hardy main 
> > 
> > and then apt-get update and upgrade but no luck. 

That can't work because you need some infrastructue behind the scence
that provides the packages and meta information for apt.

> Go here and get the .deb file:
> http://packages.debian.org/sid/all/lyx-common/download

Bad idea. Mixing packages accross distribution boarders is not a good
idea for arch:all packages but can work but doing it for architecture
dependend binary packages definetly calls for trouble. Especially if
you pick them from a moving target like Debian/unstable.

On the one hand I'm amazed that Ubuntu is nowdays also hit by the
stable, stale getting rusty problem Debian/stable somehow faces since
ever. On the other Hand I've no clue how to fix it in an enduser friendly
way. And I wouldn't call my usual advice 'simply rebuild it in a local
pbuilder chroot' userfriendly even if there's some chance that the
current 1.6.4 Debian package would build without further problems.

So maybe the easy way out for the OP might be to switch away from the LTS
release to the latest whatever is 'stable'.

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