On 11/04/2009 10:57 AM, Rob wrote:

I changed the alignment of the standard environment in my layout file. I did it
by simply adding these lines to my .layout file:

Style Standard
        Align                 Left

This is now ragged right in my layout, as I desire, but I lost the paragraph
indents in the process.  When I changed the above to this:

Style Standard
        ParIndent             30pt
        Align                 Left

I still didn't get the paragraph indents.  I definitely do not know what I am
doing.  What should I do to keep my ragged right appearance and the conventional
paragraph indents in my layout?

First, ParIndent takes a string, like "MMMMM", as argument. The indent will then be as big as the string.

Second, I would suggest putting this kind of thing into a simple module, like the attached. Then you can use it with whatever class you want, or not.

Finally, though, yes, I see the problem. This is presumably a bug. Can you enter it into the bugtracker?


#Test Module

Format 11

Style Standard
        Align Left
        ParIndent MMMMM

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