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On Tuesday 10 November 2009 08:12:37 Helge Hafting wrote:
> ask2 wrote:
> > Hi
> > I try out LYX maybe once a year. What I am looking for when I try it is
> > if the pdf files I can get is of high quality. Unfortunaltely that never
> > is the case.
> >
> > So am I just stupid or is there a way to get really high quality pdf from
> > LYX?
> Yes. Make sure the default font is not a bitmap font. Unfortunately, the
> default font is a bitmap font. You must change it.
> So, go "Document->Settings->Fonts" and choose something else instead of
> "standard". There is "Latin Modern" if you like the look of the
> standard font on paper, but want nice pdf. Or select something else
> like Times Roman, Palatino, . . .

Helge -- I've been using Century Schoolbook, which shows up as one of the 
choices with LyX as it comes with Mandriva and Ubuntu. Is Century Schoolbook a 
vector font? I found  Latin Modern too light and stringy.
> To avoid making this change for every document, save it as the new default.
> > Main purpose is to read on the computer so both images and text should be
> > suitable for that.
> That took care of the text, now for the images. What exactly is the
> problem with your images?
> If you draw something, make vector graphics rather than bitmaps, if
> possible. If you need screenshots, use png. Never jpeg, jpeg is only
> for photos.

I didn't know .png is a vector graphic. I've been converting graphics to PDF 
before using them -- PDF *is* a vector format after all, and it seems to scale 
well. However, it would be soooooo much easier to use .png. Thanks for the 

As far as the original poster, I've found that the output quality depends as 
much on the PDF reader as anything else. I've had docs that were beautiful on 
Acroread and ugly on xpdf, and others that were ugly on Acroread and beautiful 
on xpdf. I hate to admit it, but if my eBooks look good on Acroread, that 
satisfies 95% of my potential readers so I let it go that way.

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