Hello Lyx users.  I'd like to format a paper I wrote in Lyx for an ASME
conference publication.  The ASME provides a latex template, so I'm trying
to use that template file in Lyx using Mac OSX 10.5 and Lyx version 1.6.5
with TexLive2009.  So far I have copied the provided asme2e.bib, asme2e.cls,
and asme2e.bst files to Library/texmf/tex/latex/asme in my local users home
directory.  I then ran a texhash from the admin account to include the latex
file.  So, my question is, it appears Lyx now requires a layout file.
 Unfortunately, I have no experience writing these, and the asme2e.cls file
doesn't appear to have a base class, which makes this process difficult from
what I can tell reading part 5 of the Lyx Customization manual.  So, does
anyone have an existing asme2e.layout file or can you point me to someone
that does...    or am I misunderstanding the apparent difficulty of writing
a layout file from scratch?  The relevant files for the template can be
found here:

thank you very much for any potential advice you could give,

Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory
University of California at Berkeley

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