On 2010-01-13, Gregory Toole wrote:

> I am running Ubuntu 8.04 and LyX version 1.5.3.  I am trying to get
> started using BibTex in Lyx, but I am running into some problems.  The
> citations only come up as [?] in my documents when I generate pdf's
> from Lyx.

> So far, here is what I have done: I have set the BIBINPUTS and
> BSTINPUTS environment variables to the folder where I keep my bib
> files.  I created a Bibtex file and inserted it into Lyx with
> Insert-->List/TOC-->BibTex Bibliography.  A gray box appears in my
> document that says "BibTeX Generated Bibliography", and when I go to
> put in citations, the keys that I have in my bibtex file appear, and I
> can put in citations that are in the .bib file. 

So far so good.

> However, when I click the generate pdf button, the citations only come
> up as [?] in the document. I suspect that my problem may be that my
> TEXINPUTS variable is not set.  I am not sure what to set it to.  I
> believe the Latex packages I have installed are texlive.  Could you
> possibly help me get Bibtex working? Thank you so much!

It could be some error in your *.bib database file.
Try with a minimal example.
Try with File>Export>LaTeX and running 
on the *.tex file "by hand" and watch the output.


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