On 04/02/2010 07:54 PM, Frederick Noronha wrote:
Dear all: I am a journalist and writer, and a heavy user of Lyx.
Please let me know if you need any help (volunteering, without fee) to
help write or edit Lyx help files for users. I am not a techie, but
understand the software ... with guidance I could do it. My English
skills are near-native speaker level. FN

Thanks for the offer. My first suggestion would be to describe to the LyX documentation list. It's low volume, but issues relating to the docs tend to get discussed there.

Generally, though, the documentation is written by whoever has the initiative to do it. So if there's something you think isn't clear, could be better explained, or just isn't included, then try to do better and post your changes to the docs list. The maintainer of the relevant manual will then discuss them with you. For the tutorial, user's guide, and math manual, that's Uwe Stohr; for the customization and additional features manuals (I think), that's me. Others don't have a dedicated maintainer.

Hint: Use change tracking when you make these sorts of changes, so it's easy for us to identify them.


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