On 2010-05-17, Ian Holliday wrote:

> I'm involved in writing an academic textbook and we are wanting to use
> 'Boxes' to highlight aspects of topics. We are inserting a box then
> formating it from the context menu, but we have not found an elegant way to
> reference the boxes. The documentation says boxes are unnumbered, so what we
> are doing is placing a label at the start of the box text, and hoping that
> will provide sufficient functionality. Ideally we would like to be able to
> build a table of Boxes and insert cross references to boxes in the text.

> Has anyone else devised a nice solution to this? Also are boxes
> automatically 'float' items, or should we be placing them in floats as well?

"Normal" boxes do not float, so you should place them in a "float
element". If you do not need floating tables or images, you can (ab)use
one of these floats.  Otherwise, you need to define a new float type,
either with custom code in the LaTeX preamble and ERT in the document or
with a custom LyX module. (There should be some LaTeX package for
such a task, but I cannot help with details.)


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