Hello altogether,

I have a copy of lyx ( running on a mac (Snow Leopard). Everything 
works fine.

Now I want some sort of spellchecking. I went for the recommendation of this 
and installed cocoAspell. The installation was self-explanatory. Now I wanted 
to tell lyx, to use this tool, so I put this line
/Library/Application Support/cocoAspell/aspell6-en-6.0-0/english.alias
into the "Alternative Language" field. When I hit the Spellchecker-Button, the 
one with ABC on it, nothing happens. I even tried some misspelling, to see if 
lyx finds them. Is there more things to tell Lyx, so it can use cocaspell?

By the way, there is a great spell-checker on board with OS-X. Isn't it 
possible to just use this one?

Thank you for any kind of help or suggestions for alternative solutions!

Kind regards,

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