Hello again!
I asked earlier about how to handle Swedish letters in lyx/bibtex:
http://www.mail-archive.com/lyx-users@lists.lyx.org/msg82909.html. The
solution works fine. Now I have run into a similar problem. I have several
authors with different non English characters in their names. How do I get
them sorted in correct order in the Lyx bibliography? An example is:

1. Author: Schött
2. Author: Schück

In Sweden ö is the last character in the alphabet and Schött should thus
be sorted after Schück. The output file in Lyx does it the other way
around, like above.
Schött is written: {Harald Sch{"o}tt} in the .bib file
Schück is written: {Henrik Sch{\"{u}}ck} in the .bib file

I have several similar cases. Swedish seems to be a hard language to use
with bibtex.
Sorry to bother with Swedish newbie problems!
Best Regards
Påvel Nicklasson

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