Hi Daron and Stefano,

Your shortened code for the pagenotes, Daron, works OK but I still need
\wide and \endwide to utilize the full width of text + notemargin.

Stefano, I tested your comments on "only a single paragraph allowed within a
True, "return" or "shift return" are not accepted within a pagenote;
however "cntrl return" [a ragged linebreak] works fine.
This should suffice for most cases where one needs a second reference in a
pagenote, though it may not satisfy those who want paragraphs of text.

Incidentally, "cntrl shift return" [a justified linebreak] is not accepted.

Cheers, George

On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 12:45 AM, stefano franchi

> George, Daron,
> please note that memoir's \pagenote and \foottopagenote use in Lyx
> currently suffers from two   problems:
> 1. a 2-paragraphs (or more) pagenote produced with Lyx 's footnote command
> and \foottopagenote will fail and produce a Latex error. One paragraph notes
> are okay.

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