On 22/03/11 16:38, Liviu Andronic wrote:
> Dear all
> I think this is a very good idea.
> On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 4:51 PM, Rob Oakes <lyx-de...@oak-tree.us> wrote:
>> 4.) It seems that there are people willing to help promote/evangelize LyX, 
>> but I'm not sure we offer much in the way of promotional materials to help. 
>> Would it be worthwhile to create a limited number of tutorials for people, 
>> like Venom, who will be holding seminars or workshops? (I've also thought 
>> about teaching a design workshop through my local library, and these 
>> materials would help provide a curriculum.)
> I will be holding a workshop on LyX to graduate types at my university
> and I'm not very sure where from to begin. Some ready materials
> (slides on the advantages of LyX/LaTeX over MS Word and the hord, step
> by step tutorials for creating your first document in LyX, using
> bibliography and fancier features) would be of enormous help.
> At the moment I plan to start with the 'Help > Documentation' in
> preparing my tutorial. Perhaps some of you have already passed through
> this experience and have some materials readily available? If so,
> please post them here.
> Regards
> Liviu

You may want to contact Joseph Wright at the UK TeX user group as they
do introductory courses on LaTeX, for some pointers.  The website below
gives details on what the course covers so perhaps if your course did
the same but using LyX and you are able to collaborate it would be a
useful for people going from one to the other or using both,


Hope this helps

Paul Sutton


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