On 2011-03-22, Liviu Andronic wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 4:51 PM, Rob Oakes <lyx-de...@oak-tree.us> wrote:

>> 4.) It seems that there are people willing to help promote/evangelize
>> LyX, but I'm not sure we offer much in the way of promotional
>> materials to help. Would it be worthwhile to create a limited number
>> of tutorials for people, like Venom, who will be holding seminars or
>> workshops? (I've also thought about teaching a design workshop through
>> my local library, and these materials would help provide a
>> curriculum.)

> I will be holding a workshop on LyX to graduate types at my university
> and I'm not very sure where from to begin. Some ready materials
> (slides on the advantages of LyX/LaTeX over MS Word and the hord, step
> by step tutorials for creating your first document in LyX, using
> bibliography and fancier features) would be of enormous help.
> At the moment I plan to start with the 'Help > Documentation' in
> preparing my tutorial. Perhaps some of you have already passed through
> this experience and have some materials readily available? If so,
> please post them here.

There is already much material at http://wiki.lyx.org. Maybe a review
and re-organization might improve its "impact factor".


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