On 23/03/2011 5:55 AM, Hellmut Weber wrote:
Hi list,
I'm using LyX 1.6.7 on xubuntu  10.10 and I'm as satisfied as for the
roughly ten years I'm using LyX now.

Actually I have a little problem:

I like to have the path to the document at the end of my documents.
So I've created a little python script giving me the end (because my
file system tree is quite deep) of the path, accordingly I have defined
an alias pdflatex="pdflatex -shell-escape" to permit the use of this
script from within the latex source of my document.

This doesn't work for lyx. I suppose lyx calls pdflatex using its
absolute path. To find the place where this default is set I've been
looking in ~/.lyx/preferences,  /usr/share/lyx, ~/.config/Lyx, ~/.gconf,
~/.gconfig with no result.

So, can somebody gice me a hint where the default paths for the
converter calls are hidden?

Your interpretation sounds correct. You can change the converter line in Tools > Settings > File Handling > Converters (look for LaTeX -> PDF (pdflatex))


I would suggest to use \jobname in ERT if possible instead of calling a python script for this.

Similarly, I would like to use '.' as the default path for saving new
lyx documents. Changing the corresponding setting in the menu
tools>settings>paths>home (retranslated from my german version of
lyx) I can change that location but the change is not remembered when I
open lyx the next time.

Any ideas on this?

hmm, not sure. this might be a bug.


Happy LyXing


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