Hi everybody,

I don't know much on Lyx, I tried to search in the previous bug and on the web 
but no results.

I installed Lyx 2.0.0 on my Windows 7 laptop. I wrote a text, and when I want 
to visualize it, I have an error (cannot find the rapport.pdf file). So I tried 
to export my file in pdf, and I have an other error (with ps2pdf, but pdflatex 
works fine) :
"An error happened during the execution :
python -tt "C:/Program Files (x86)/LyX20/bin/../Resources/scripts/clean_dvi.py"
"rapport.dvi" "tmpfile.out" "
(I translate because I use the french version, so maybe it's not exactly the 
same in the english version)

I also have an error from the conversion from bmp(or jpg) to eps, but I should 
look on the web to find how to solve this one.

In my temporary folder I have a tex version, and a dep-pdf version.

Thanks very much for you help !


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