Anaïs Maréchal <anais.marechal <at>> writes:

> Hi everybody,I don't know much on Lyx, I tried to search in the previous bug
> and on the web but no results.I installed Lyx 2.0.0 on my Windows 7 laptop. 
> I wrote a text, and when I want to visualize it, I have an error (cannot find
> the rapport.pdf file). So I tried to export my file in pdf, and I have an 
> other error (with ps2pdf, but pdflatex works fine) :"An error happened during
> the execution :python -tt "C:/Program Files (x86)/LyX20/bin/../Resources
> /scripts/""rapport.dvi" "tmpfile.out" "(I translate because I use
> the french version, so maybe it's not exactly the same in the english version)

Does this happen if you try View > DVI with the document?  If so, does the LaTeX
log (Document > LaTeX log) show any errors?
> I also have an error from the conversion from bmp(or jpg) to eps, but I should
> look on the web to find how to solve this one.

Do you have ImageMagick installed?  LyX relies on ImageMagick to convert among
graphics formats.  It also needs Ghostscript installed (IM uses GS when the
conversions involve PS, EPS or PDF files).


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