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diese Mailingliste ist auf Englisch. Wenn Du mehr als diese Antwort haben willst, wäre es vielleicht ganz gut, wenn Du Deine Frage noch einmal auf Englisch postest.

I do find it convenient to have people from all over the world posting on this, and other, mailing lists in English. However, I do understand that not everyone is able to express themselves fluently in English, and so must either find a language-specific help group, or ask for the help they may need in whatever language they can use. I would not want to discourage anyone from trying LyX, or for asking for help, just because they cannot write in English.

I know that this has been beaten to death both here and on other lists, but maybe we should cut people some slack.

I'll also admit that I enjoy trying to figure out what the question is in various languages; it helps me recall my college German, for one. In this case, anyone with some experience in using other default languages than English may need to offer suggestions if they can; I haven't experienced that, so can't help get the menus to show up in German. As far as the styles not functioning, I presume that is an installation issue. Again, it matters what your experience has been. But since he had a clean install of his OS (Mac OS -- which one?), and LyX, I would hope that the installation would have included enough styles and required pieces of TeX to make it work. If not, it is either an installer problem, or the installation was not as straightforward as the poster suggested.

For the original poster: You stated that you did not have any experience with TeX or LyX. What programs do you use that give you the citations as you want them? Maybe someone else knows how to make LyX/LaTeX behave in the same way.


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