Julio Rojas wrote:
> Dear all. I want to try biber on Ubuntu Natty. I installed it both as
> an standalone package with TexLive 2009 and included in Texlive 2011.
> In both cases I get the following error while compiling a document:
> [0] Config.pm:254> INFO - This is biber 0.9.5
> [0] Config.pm:257> INFO - Logfile is 'Tesis_Maestro.blg'
> [1] biber:108> INFO - === Thu Aug 25, 2011, 18:48:31
> [35] Biber.pm:198> FATAL - Cannot find control file
> 'Tesis_Maestro.bcf'! - did you pass the "backend=biber" option to
> BibLaTeX?
> I have already included "\typeout{File: \jobname.bcf}" in the preamble
> as suggested by the wiki. I have also defined biber as the
> bibliographic engine in both, the document and lyx.  Any ideas?

biber 0.9.5 is very recent. TeXLive 2011 still has 0.9.4. Did you try with 
that rsion as well? (It might be that the newer biber version is incompatible 
with your biblatex version, or it might be a bug in this version).


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