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On 09/14/2011 12:03 PM, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
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On 09/14/2011 10:29 AM, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
In trying to compile the new lyx2.0.1 I encounter the following errors:

(I am using Debian squeeze)

**** The following problems have been detected by configure.
**** Please check the messages below before running 'make'.
**** (see the section 'Problems' in the INSTALL file)

** Cannot find zlib.h. Please check that the zlib library
 is correctly installed on your system.
however, dpkg-dev is installed

Is zlib.h present?

yes, as zlib1g, and it says:
compression library - runtime
zlib is a library implementing the deflate compression method found
in gzip and PKZIP.  This package includes the shared library.

That package does not include the file zlib.h:
You need zlib-dev:
which "includes the development support files".

Base packages, like zlib1g, include only the files need to *use* the library. So to run LyX, you only need zlib1g, which LyX uses to zip and unzip things. The *-dev packages, on the other hand, include what you need to "link against" the library, that is, what you need to *compile* programs that use that library. So, to compile LyX, you need zlib1g-dev.

The same goes for the X packages and Qt packages. E.g., as well as libqt4, you need libqt4-dev.


Thanks  Richard for your careful explanation. Will try and report.

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