I am trying the HTML export possibilities of LyX. I have the last
version of Elyxer installed on my Mac (OSX 10.6 French) and I use Lyx

I am preparing a page where I would like to set the text colour and
use an horizontal rule in some places.

I used the Document Properties/Coulours tab to fix the implicit colour
of text in my document, but when the file is exported to HTML by
Elyxer, the texte is black (the same is also true for LyxHTML export).

I have inserted an horizontal rule in the page, but I get in the HTML
the Lyx code instead of the rule:

"\begin_inset CommandInset lineLatexCommand ruleoffset "0.5ex"width
"100col%"height "1pt"\end_inset "

Am I doing something stupid, or am I demanding too much from Elyxer?

I Have used Latex2HTML under Linux some years ago and this kind of
cosmetics was a piece of cake for it... I have never used it under OSX
and I like the HTML generated by Elyxer otherwise.

I know that I can correct these problems by hand or by CSS editing,
but would like to know if I can handle them directly in Lyx, instead
of having to da another step of conversion (especially because I am
using Lyx to quickly setup a web page from existing material in Latex
and Lyx. Yes, I am very late on this task, and trying to catch the gap
:-)  ).



Prof. Murat Yildizoglu
Université Montesquieu Bordeaux IV
Avenue LĂ©on Duguit
33608 Pessac cedex


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