On 23.09.2011 02:18, Neal Becker wrote:
Why wouldn't you just save as svg?

If we just talk about an illustration, I would save it as pdf and then include the pdf. However, if the illustration contains anything in text, then if I saved it as a pdf I would have the text in the font that inkscape used. I believe that this looks ugly: Anything in the finished document should be in the same font.

So if I use this pdf+latex format, the text will be rendered by LaTeX, at the positions specified by inkscape, but using the documents font. Also, you can then use LaTeX-Commands in your illustration, for example the math mode...

If anyone is interested: something similar can be done with gnuplot, using the epslatex-terminal (then you just need to convert the eps-file to pdf), and also with dia.


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