I'm trying to find a citation style for my thesis that works for me.
To do that, I've tried out various things, including Biblatex. The
attempt showed me I would rather not use this. But now there seems no
way back?

I have included biblatex according to the guide here:
And now there seems no way of letting Lyx forget about biblatex. I've
deleted the module-file, removed the module in Document settings and
removed every latex header part involved, then reconfigured. I've even
rebooted the computer.

Still, when I now add a normal bibtex bibliography, I get a number of
errors, including "LaTeX Error: Can be used only in preamble."
pointing to " \bibliography". So I think Lyx still thinks that
biblatex is active.

Does that mean I cannot avoid using biblatex anymore except maybe by
re-installing Lyx (which takes several hours, I'd really rather not do

Can anybody please help me? Any advice at all?


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