If someone from the documentation list is reading this, I'd kindly ask not to refer to the description of the options already mentioned, it adds to the confusion. I think it's better to repeat rather than force user to jump up and down.

On 10/31/2011 12:05 PM, Murat Yildizoglu wrote:
InsetLayout sagecommand

This was "Style sagecommand" yesterday, what happened?

Style sagecommand
LabelString           Sage
LatexType             command
LatexName             sage
 Color               magenta
 Family              Typewriter
OptionalArgs          1

Try this one, first in "Local layout" of Document settings. And please read the Customization manual more carefully.

Also, try to study some standard insets, like
stdcharstyles.inc   stdsections.inc  stdfloats.inc
stdinsets.inc stdlayouts.inc

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