Hi all,

I'm making this thread in hopes that everyone who knows something on 
the subject will add something, and at the end we'll all know how to 
go from LyX to Kindle.

I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that the best way to do it is to 
write a post-processor for Alex's HTML. Simple, modular, and I can do 
it myself (and obviously make it free software). The post-processor 
might need to read the LyX file itself to get a few bits of information 
not in Alex's HTML file.

So far I've discovered that LyX pagebreaks don't translate to Kindle 
page breaks (start at top of reader). Therefore, to every <h1> should 
be added the property style="page-break-before: always;". That way 
every chapter starts at the top of the reader.

I assume the official interpreter of the LyX project is Python, and if 
that assumption's true I'll make the postprocessor in Python. This 
post processing will be a heck of a lot easier if someone can point me 
to a good XML or HTML parser for Python, so I can look at nodes and 
attributes instead of trying to parse tags. I've noticed Alex's HTML 
appears very standard, with matching start and end tags and the like. 
This should theoretically make my job easier. So anyone have any 
suggestions for HTML or XML parsers for Python?

Other things I've noticed:

1) The LyX table of contents, when translated to HTML and then to 
Kindle format, crashes the Kindle previewer, so it must be removed 
from the HTML file and used to create an NCX TOC.

2) With the Kindle you probably don't want the title page, so there 
should be a post-processor option to capture the author, title and 
date, and then remove everything from the Title or Author 
environmented text to the next <h1>.

Hopefully this thread will serve as an accumulation of knowledge 
resulting in a post-processor. The post processor may simply serve as 
a stepping stone to a "real conversion". I've found that often the 
best specification for the right solution is obtained by implementing 
and evaluating a quick and dirty solution.


Steve Litt
Author: The Key to Everyday Excellence
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