I got a strange error after running LyX
and trying to export it as pdflatex:
pdfTeX error (ext4): \pdendflink ended up in different nesting level than \pd

which I traced to 

Lichtflüssen zwischen 0.5
  und 75\thinspace\mathrm{\mu mol/m^{2}/s}
  (siehe Abbildung [fig:Licht-Sharma]). Bei Flüssen bis zu 
20\mathrm{\thinspace\mu mol/m^{2}/s}
  änderte sich die Periode nicht

If I take the 
20\mathrm{\thinspace\mu mol/m^{2}/s}
out, the error is gone and the pdf output works.

Now if I copy 

75\thinspace\mathrm{\mu mol/m^{2}/s}

to the place of 
 20\mathrm{\thinspace\mu mol/m^{2}/s}
(replacing it)

I get again the error meaning that it is not the sequence

which caused the error

The strangest finding is, if I put the 
Bibtex generated Bibliography 
mark at the end of my Koma book (twosided, twocolumn) 
in a lyx note thus commenting it out the error vanishs.

This was in fact the way I started the search for the error, because I 
thought removing the Bibliography entrance is a fast and effective way to 
find out whether a reference is causing the problem. 

In the meantime I have experimented a bit more stripping my document to a 
few lines and it seems that the upgreek is causing the trouble.
Package upgreek Info: Using Euler Roman for upright Greek on input line 31.
LaTeX Font Info:    Overwriting symbol font `ugrf@m' in version `bold'
(Font)                  U/eur/m/n --> U/eur/b/n on input line 38.

but why does the erro occur only if I use the math expression twice?


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