I wonder whether the following could be done for Lyx without too much 

Often I found to get an error message after inserting a reference (with an 
uncompatible coding, e.g.). It takes quite some time to trace it to the 
specific citation, if a larger number of references are cited.

Lyx allows under outline to switch to 'list of citations'.
If one could mark the citation(s!!, i.e. marking a bunch of citations 
simultaneously) assumed to cause the error directly in the list and takes 
these citations temporarily out (by, lets say, a right mouse click, and 
perhaps lyx puts these citations in a lyx note), a test run of lyx would 
show quickly which citations are causing the errror. An other click would 
switch back to the original situation.

It would certainly be much faster as compared to putting the citations 
manually in a Lyx note for the trial.

The same could perhaps be done for other lists or even the table of 


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