Am 26.01.2012 17:21, schrieb Emilio Murado:

I have a problem numbering tables. I have a table nested into another, and
both are inside a figure.

You have not nested them into figures and this would also only cause problems.

When I take a look at the figures inside LyX, they are all ok. But when I
export to DVI or PDF, the figures are counting in +2 increments. The first
figure is 2, the second is 4...

This is because you used longtables within table floats. These types have their own numbering and thus the table counter is increased by 2. Note that the concept of a longtable is that it cannot float but page breaks are allowed. Therefore it is not sensible to add them to table floats.

For more info about tables and longtables, see chapter 2 "Tables" of the EmbeddedObjects manual that you find in LyX's Help menu.

regards Uwe

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