--"I don't like the look. It's too intrusive."
Can you send a short example file to see what is your problem

Anyway I use to format a specific line as bold with bigger text size when I want an emphasis on a line which I don't want to set up as subchapter.

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El 20/02/2012 07:21 a.m., Eric Weir escribió:
In one section of an article I'm working on I have several subsections that I want 
to call attention to without using headings. Currently I'm using a centered 3" 
line between subsections. I don't like the look. It's too intrusive.

One possibility would be to add an extra line between subsections, but I think 
I'd like to give the break a little more emphasis than that.

Any suggestions?

Eric Weir
Decatur, GA  USA

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