I'd like to thank everyone who offered suggestions for this guide. I've 
implemented almost all of them, and anyone who wants to take this thing and 
make something more official out of it is welcome to.

I remain of the opinion that a simple, one-page guide which takes the user 
step-by-step not only through installing LyX, but also through installing at 
least one good example of each of the main types of supporting tools, would be 
a boon for beginners.

Although one of the strengths of open source software is the amount of choice 
you get, I also believe it's helpful to be able to say to a beginner, "You are 
welcome and encouraged to try everything and see what best suits you, but for 
purpose X, right now package Y (or perhaps package Z) would be an excellent 
place to start."

Not only does this make LyX more attractive through showing the power of the 
entire software ecosystem, but it raises the odds that the user actually *will* 
end up using some sort of software for purpose X instead of nothing (a great 
example of this is reference management software like jabref or pybliographer 
which seems to me to be woefully underutilized).

Anyway, thank you again for all the suggestions. I've always loved LyX and hope 
in some small way this contribution was worthwhile.


> http://russellb.livejournal.com/1335718.html
> I believe a simplified guide such as this could be very helpful for students 
> about to enter college to study one of the sciences

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