Csikos Bela <bcsikos425 <at> freemail.hu> writes:
> Hello:
> Here are two example lyx files. See the difference between the location of
> the floats, which is reflected in the TOC.
> This requires caption and floatrow packages but not the module you mentioned.
> For details see the documentation of floatrow package.
> Cheers,

Thanks Csikos, that definitely demonstrates the output style I'm after.

I'm still hoping to get floatrow integrated as a module though...

To that end, do you know how the module parameter UsesFloatPkg = false should
behave? I had hoped this would let me specify a Float but then define it's
function in Preamble, etc. However LyX continues to try and build the new float
type using \newfloat etc as before. I suppose I could try to redefine those

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