Justin Wood <upasaka <at> gmail.com> writes:
> I'm still hoping to get floatrow integrated as a module though...
> To that end, do you know how the module parameter UsesFloatPkg = false
> behave?

J├╝rgen helped me figure out what I was doing wrong: needed to also specify
IsPredefined = true (I had false). I also finally realised I was making the
rookie mistake of trying to specify my preamble inside of the Float
definition itself.

I offer up my chimera for anyone who might be interested. It does work
quite well, BUT! be warned that as best I can tell this is effectively
overriding float with floatrow in all instances, so some behaviour is going
to be modified.

* It took me a while to find that I needed to specify the \floatsetup
command (in floatrow form) to get table float captions back on top where
they belong.
(I've gone with \floatsetup[table]{style=plain,capposition=TOP})

* Use of [H] for floats (place here definitely) appears to trigger a
package clash with float/floatrow because, at a guess, [H] expects float to
be loaded. There is discussion of [H] in the floatrow manual but it's a
little beyond me so I've ignored that for now.

Please be gentle... :)

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