On 04/23/2012 09:38 AM, John Enright wrote:
Since upgrading to 2.0.3, Many of my files will not open. I get an error message
during the open operation saying:

\Buffer_convertLyxFormat.hXXXX is not a readable LyX document.

The temp directory exits (as specified in the message); the temp file is
zero-bytes long.

- I'm running Win7 (x64). My MikTex is up to date. I've reinstalled LyX several
times (including uninstalling it). No difference.

- Some old files will open. But many will not. Not sure of what is special about
the affected files. Perhaps some particular floats, but I can't seem to
replicate the problem with a new file.

- I can create and reopen a completely new file.

- The affected files are not corrupted, since they open just fine in LyX 1.6.X
that I still had installed.

Any thoughts?

Sounds like some sort of lyx2lyx conversion error. If you can run LyX from a terminal, you should get more error messages, though that won't solve the problem by itself. So, alternatively, try posting one of the problematic files here, or sending it to me privately, if you prefer, and we can try to figure it out.


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