On 4 May 2012 14:18, Rashif Ray Rahman <sc...@archlinux.org> wrote:
> Hey guys
> I wasn't subscribed when I sent the first e-mail so this reply might
> mess up a few things (using GMail so can't edit headers). And since
> then there have been a number of replies.
> Anyway I should've mentioned that I'm on Arch Linux and Intel graphics
> (GM45 Express Chipset; probably GMA 4500MHD gpu).
> The good news is all of a sudden I do not see the "stuck" behaviour.
> It does scroll, but awfully slowly. Both up down and sideways (I like
> to read while holding down the right arrow key). There have been some
> Intel driver and Mesa updates in the recent past, so it is possible
> (though with a great level of uncertainty) they did something (good).
> So the bad news is, well, the scrolling is slow. The raster graphics
> system switch did not appear to help in my case. The bottomline is
> that if at least one other person cannot reproduce this (as in,
> scrolling works for you like it does in any other app in this world)
> then it is unlikely to be a LyX bug.

And oh yes, I'm on KDE. But on my system it does not make a difference
what DE or WM I'm on, as I've reproduced this with E17 and Openbox.


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