On 4 May 2012 14:35, Rashif Ray Rahman <sc...@archlinux.org> wrote:
> On 4 May 2012 14:18, Rashif Ray Rahman <sc...@archlinux.org> wrote:
>> Hey guys
>> I wasn't subscribed when I sent the first e-mail so this reply might
>> mess up a few things (using GMail so can't edit headers). And since
>> then there have been a number of replies.
>> Anyway I should've mentioned that I'm on Arch Linux and Intel graphics
>> (GM45 Express Chipset; probably GMA 4500MHD gpu).
>> The good news is all of a sudden I do not see the "stuck" behaviour.
>> It does scroll, but awfully slowly. Both up down and sideways (I like
>> to read while holding down the right arrow key). There have been some
>> Intel driver and Mesa updates in the recent past, so it is possible
>> (though with a great level of uncertainty) they did something (good).
>> So the bad news is, well, the scrolling is slow. The raster graphics
>> system switch did not appear to help in my case. The bottomline is
>> that if at least one other person cannot reproduce this (as in,
>> scrolling works for you like it does in any other app in this world)
>> then it is unlikely to be a LyX bug.
> And oh yes, I'm on KDE. But on my system it does not make a difference
> what DE or WM I'm on, as I've reproduced this with E17 and Openbox.

Upon further testing scrolling bumps the CPU usage from 1% on idle to
about 15-20%. This is LyX itself showing up on HTop, not X or anything
else related. Scrolling sideways doesn't take as much resources since
it takes its own sweet time.

The lag is more visible when there are objects being scrolled over,
rather than simple text. So I would assume a bit more CPU for that
would be normal.

Moreover, it doesn't take "100%" of the CPU cycles, as appears to be
the main problem for similar problems reported around the web.


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