Running lyx, version 2.0.5, built from source today.
Host system is (old): kubuntu 8.04

I am writing an in-house document which shows how to use "Sweave". This means I
want to both show the "Sweave" code and then the results of the Sweave code
being run. This has worked in the distant past (lyx version 1.4?) but as I
update the document now, I am having problems.

In my example below, I use pseudo-html markup to show the Lyx paragraph types.

<Lyx-code> paragraph:
    print( toLatex( sessionInfo() ))

<chunk> paragraph:
print( toLatex( sessionInfo() ))

This works fine (as expected) except that the AT-sign, '@', in the lyx-code
paragraph gets "eaten" and does not show up in the output. I can circumvent the
problem by adding a thin-space in front of the '@', however, it implies that I
need to know when characters will be eaten. I don't know the "rules" yet.

If I use the File --> Export --> LaTeX (plain) option, there is no '@' in the
tex file.


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